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Dealers across the country are getting beat up over price, literally! What if there was a simple solution to shift that conversation and find an average of $2300 for 9 out of 10 customers? Boom! It’s a real possibility! 

During this unique 30-minute Shop Owner Panel webinar, you will learn about a powerful payment plan system called Tapps-App. This system is transforming the way dealers do business. Shop Owners across the country are discovering how this simple system can benefit the customer, the employee, and the overall sales in the business. Tapps clients are hitting 'Home Runs' every day to the tune of $50,000 - $60,000 extra business per store per month. 

We invite you to join Dan Molloy, former owner of 104 store chain, Barry Moniak, Director of Training at Molloy Sales Development, Jeff Tucker, Inventor of Tapps-App and Owner of Triple T Tire, and Tim Burns, AAR Territory Manager, as they give you a sneak-peek into the Tapps-App system, and how it is dramatically growing sales for Shop Owners across the country!  

You will learn the following:

  • How to EXIT the PRICE WAR, and WIN BIG TIME!

  • Why Price is NEVER THE ISSUE, and Why Money COULD BE!

  • How Tapps-App can create a positive shift in the culture of your business

  • How to engage your sales staff in a NEW way of thinking

  • How simple and easy the Tapps App System is to implement

Meet the Panelists


Dan Molloy

President & CEO

Molloy Sales Development


Barry Moniak

VP & Director of Training

Molloy Sales Development


Jeff Tucker


Triple T Tire




Tim Burns

Regional Manager

AAA Club Alliance

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