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"Tapps has been an amazing and much needed tool in my sales arsenal. It's a basic one stop shop in getting my customers an answer quickly and conveniently.

I have been using it for 3 years now and to my knowledge it hasn't failed me in getting my customers the payment plans they need to fit their budget whether it be with credit options or without. It has also helped me to increase my sales volume per invoices. What started out as oil change because of the tapps program I was able to get my customer tires they needed or brake services . The potential is endless in helping my customers. What I really like about it is quick responses on the decisions. usually within 5 minutes my customers have an answer. I would highly recommend Tapps System for any business."


Triple T Tire - TN | Store Manager

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"Tapps has helped me grow my businesses over 20%! Payment plans made easy! I would

recommend them to anyone one who sells to consumers."

Bill Shrider

In & Out Tire Pros and Trick Trucks - DE | Owner

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"Tapps Credit is simple and easy to use, you will find more money for your customers than ever

before. Trust me I have the facts and results to back it up!"

Rick McLea

McLea's Tire & Automotive - CA | Owner


"The TAPPS system has drastically improved our financing process immediately after implementation. The ability to process applications simultaneously through our preferred lenders reduces employee and customer fatigue associated with the financing process. Game Changer!"

John Neal Jr.

Neal's Furniture - OK | Owner


"The Tapps App is great. It is easy to use and can send applications to multiple lenders in a

matter of seconds. Tapps has boosted sales and profit for our store. Any company that does not

have this is losing out on profit and needs to get on board with this program."

Richard Vincent

Golden Circle Tire Pros | Manager

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"Tapps has created a simple, practical, and fully functional financing waterfall application

that has helped our centers successfully overcome customers' objections to automotive

repairs on the basis of insufficient money. Our centers offer four different financing

options, each with different criteria for qualifying the customer and with various

benefits and drawbacks. When the ultimate objective is to get the customer approved

for the most beneficial financing program, without having to go through the painstaking

process of redundantly completing multiple financing applications, a waterfall financing

application is critical.


Tapps allows you to get all the information you'll need to

pre-qualify your customer for any financing program you offer at one time, and will tell

you what your customer can get approved for in one place at the same time. This has

helped increase our efficiency in completing financing applications and has increased

our sales conversion substantially. I recommend this to any and all automotive repair

shops out there!"

Johnathon M.

MCCC Group