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Finding money for your customers has never been easier.

Tapps App™ is a payment plan system that delivers tremendous results to the customer, employee, and business. This tool allows your service advisors to easily gather and process multiple applications within minutes. Applications can immediately be sent to up to 15 lenders with one click, and the approvals begin pouring in within minutes.

• Increase ARO up to $1200

• 90% approval rates with or w/out credit

• Up to $15,000 available per customer (Nat. Avg. is $2300)

• Build customer loyalty

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“This is a bonafide game changer. I’vedoubled my business in less than four years with the Tapps-App™ and Molloy’s Power Sales Training™.”

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Danny Smith

Owner | Same Day Automotive

“We had lenders setup but didn’t use them because it was too hard, now with Tapps it’s so easy! We can submit an application to up to 15 lenders with one click. Tapps has changed our business - we use it everyday!”


Evan Smith

Manager | South Hanover Tire Pros

“In the past 18 months, using the Tapps-App™ along with Power Sales Training™, we have grown more than 50%. It's had an incredible impact on  our customers, our staff and the business. Love it!”


Bill Schrider

Owner | In & out Tire Pros