Inventor of Tapps-App, and a recognized expert.

Jeff Tucker, Owner of 3 Tire Stores in Dyersburg, TN produced

$644,370 worth of financing for customers in July and August 2020.



Jeff Tucker is sitting pretty right now with his TAPPS-APP™, but it wasn’t always that way...


Tucker who owns and operates three AAA Approved Auto Repair and Tire stores in rural Dyersburg, TN was just about underwater during the recession of 2008 and 2009. The economy in his area was in the tank. Companies were closing up; his customers had little or no income. It frustrated Jeff when someone from his community declined to do urgently needed brake repairs or replace badly worn tires, due to lack of funds.  


So he invented a payment plan/financing app that has a 90% approval rate. In fact, Jeff’s service advisors produced $644,370 of financing for his 3 stores in July and August of this year. “With the right training anyone can do it”, says Jeff.


Jeff Tucker grew up in the family-owned business and went to college to study Mechanical Engineering, so in his darkest moment he came up with a creative idea that has become a real game-changer for business people nationwide.


It all started like this... When a customer told Jeff Tucker that they couldn’t afford a repair or a set of tires, he started to fill out credit apps for them – one at a time, over and over again, until he found a finance company that would work with his customer. Many times he would fill out 6, 7, or 8 applications for one customer. It was a daunting process.


While Jeff’s commitment as the owner was extraordinary, he couldn’t get the rest of his service advisors to make the same effort, so he did what any good engineer would do: he invented a payment plan tool to help them. Today it’s called the TAPPS-APP™ (Tucker Apps) and literally, with about two clicks on a mouse, a trained service advisor can submit one application filled out by the customer, which goes to about 10 different credit sources.  Returns come back within five minutes.


Using the APP, the approval rate is north of 90% with the average customer receiving $2,300 in credit to be used while they are in the store. Jeff’s average repair order is $1,200 and today he runs one-third of his total business through TAPPS-APP™. In July and August of this year, his service advisors produced $644,370 of what he calls ‘Open to Buy’ credit for his customers. That’s over $100,000 per store, per month. This is typical of dealers nationwide.

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